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BIG Photo is a locally owned, state-of-the-art studio that is the home of award-winning photographers located in downtown Louisville. We are not a franchise. That means we are local, we customize our offerings and provide the service promptly by avoiding 1-2 days shipping time for all operations. Give us a call and support a locally owned business. We will exceed your expectations to ensure that the product you receive is everything you want and more. Why stress when you can rely on BIG photo for consistency, flexibility, and an experience that will knock your socks off?


From annual yearbook photos to dances and graduation, we’ll be there to capture every memorable school event


Baseball, soccer, football, basketball, you name it, let BigPhoto support your kids and document their year


Let BigPhoto capture the moments with corporate, commercial & marketing photography for both big and small local firm

Our BigPhoto Team


Larry Smith


I enjoy the fast-paced execution of photographing an entire school, a corporate staff or a sporting team. Creating images that expose one's personality or display confidence that says "This is me, and I excel at what I do". I have 30 years in this line of work, and it is still fun to meet new clients every day.


Beth Smith

Photographer/Data Management

I was hired for my first photography job when I was 21 and I have worked in the photography field ever since. I started with film and have had to learn digital over the years. I love learning new programs and techniques that can make your photos even better via a computer.


Chris Schuler


Since a young age, my family always said I was good at taking photos. It occurred to me that photography might be my thing when I would take at times dozens of photos trying to find the perfect shot. I started at BIG Photo in 2019 and personally, I would say it's the best job I've ever had!


Janeen Conner

Customer Service Manager

My favorite part about customer service has always been talking with different people and learning new things about the people I interact with. It’s so fun to work with clients, and coming from Seattle, I love getting to know the people in Louisville. I can’t wait to meet and make sure your experience with us is great!


Our Work

SHARP. A word to describe our Punctuality, Appearance, Focus, and Professionalism. You can count on us to give you the edge.

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